Why is the Demonata so underrated?

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

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I want to talk about one of my favourite book series from when I was growing up, 'The Demonata' by Darren Shan and why I feel it is criminally underrated.

Firstly some background, the series consists of 10 books following the story of three individuals who eventually wind up meeting to team up against a powerful demon lord called Lord Loss. Each book is told from the perspective from one of the three protagonists and it switches for each title.

The 10 books in 'The Demonata' are:

  1. Lord Loss

  2. Demon Thief

  3. Slawter

  4. Bec

  5. Blood Beast

  6. Demon Apocalypse

  7. Death's Shadow

  8. Wolf Island

  9. Dark Calling

  10. Hell's Heroes

The books follow Grubbs Grady, Kernel Fleck, and Bec, all people with magical abilities and ties to the demons' universe. However the books also have another prominent main character, Lord Loss, who is at least mentioned in every book.

Now I mentioned that I think this series is underrated and I have a few reasons why I believe this.

For starters lots of people all over the internet love a good horror story, and whilst these books might be aimed at pre/early teens that doesn't mean they shy away from some horrific imagery making it perfect for horror lovers of all ages Some of the scenes in the books are overtly graphic, for example "The dripping sound - a body hanging upside down from the webby ceiling in the centre of the room. No head. Blood drops to the floor from the gaping red O of the neck. Even without the head, I recognise him." That's just from the second chapter of the first book and there is plenty more where that came from.

Now I haven't read these books since I was in year 9 in school so it has been a good few years but they've stuck in my head ever since and I highly recommend them to anyone who enjoys young adult (YA) stories or people who enjoy supernatural things like demons and magic.

The fact that the series follows three different main characters is great too because it makes the stakes feel higher, it's not just up to one person all three need to survive, if just one falls then that's it. You also get invested in the stories of all of the characters and you quickly come to love certain ones and get annoyed by others.

Lastly I love the idea that Lord Loss, a demon master, makes deals using chess and determining the outcome of the deal on whether or not his opponent wins. This is just a quirky gimmick that really stuck with me.

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You can buy the whole boxset of books from amazon for as cheap as £18.99 which is a steal for a series that I can promise you wont regret reading.

So what are you waiting for? Go buy yourself these books!

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