Today in Mythology: Lilith, the First Demon

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Image by Waldkunst from Pixabay

So lets take a dive into Judaic mythology with a look at Lilith, the primordial mother of demons.

There are many stories within Judaism surrounding Lilith so I want to talk about my personal favourite of how she was Adam's first wife before later becoming a demon and the wife of Samael.

The story goes that when God created humans he created both a man and a woman at roughly the same time both of whom came from the Earth (Adam and Lilith). The story starts off the same as Adam and Eve's with the pair living in the garden of Eden but tensions arise when Adam wants to be dominant over Lilith and she doesn't like this, seeing them both as equals as they both came from the dirt. Obviously Adam didn't like this so Lilith fled the garden.

The next part is tricky because whilst most accounts say that three angels were sent to track her down where she is found is debated. Some scholars say that she was found by the Red sea whilst others say she was in a cave. However all agree that a bargain was struck between Lilith and the angels where in turn for not harming new-borns who are protected by certain amulets (I know it's weird but it's best just to go with it) Lilith wouldn't have to return to the garden. Unfortunately for her this deal also meant she would become a demon and 100 of her children would die every day.

Lilith eventually remarried Samael a fallen arch-angel similar to Lucifer but not always portrayed as wholly evil.

As you can tell by the title of this article Lilith is often referred to as the mother of demons because it is said that she steals men's 'seed' when they are having some personal time and through this she births demons into our world to replenish her offspring as she loses so many.

The reason I love this story is because it's clearly a way to try to demonise any woman who is seen as assertive and free willed, trying to make women subservient to men through fear that they will become horrible creatures if they don't do as they're told. Obviously in these times a story like this would cause outrage or people would relate to Lilith having the opposite effect of the original intent.

The story of Lilith is a great use of strong women in media and I think she should become a spearhead of the feminist movement as not only the original woman but the original feminist fighting for women's rights since the beginning of time.

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