The Amazing Spectacular Ultimate Spider-man

So recently I finished watching the animated Spider-man series The Spectacular Spider-man and I'm disappointed with myself for taking so long to watch it. It's currently available on Netflix UK and with a total run time of around 9.5 hours you can easily get through it in a weekend (or a day if you're not busy) and you definitely should if only for the amazing opening score performed by 'The Tender Box'. That being said there are plenty of reasons to watch the series that I won't spoil, honestly just watch it for yourself you'll find it hard to turn off.

Spider-man is by far my favourite superhero, I mean sure there's more powerful heroes or ones with cooler designs but personally, I can sort of relate to Spider-man, or more accurately Peter Parker, a dorky outsider who doesn't have a lot of friends but the ones he does have would stick by him through anything. Peter Parker is what most people would call a nerd which is a label that I'm all too familiar with and this makes it difficult to fit in so he uses humour as a way of dealing with his issues, a trait that again we both share.

First appearing in 1962 in Marvel comics' amazing fantasy number 15 created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko Spidey was originally supposed to only be a filler for a different cancelled anthology but in spite of that Spidey stuck around becoming an instant favourite for both kids and grown-ups alike mostly due to his quick wit and sharp comebacks when fighting villains, but also partially because he was one of if not the first teenage superhero who wasn't just a sidekick but the main character of his story.

Personally I've never read any of the Spider-man comics, in fact, I haven't read many comics, but I have still interacted with Spider-man in other forms of media, for example, the video games for better (Marvel's Spider-man PS4) or worse (Spider-man PS1) I've tried a decent portion of them and some manage to capture the true feeling of web-swinging around New York stopping criminals and fighting some of Spidey's most formidable and perilous villains which is just masterful. I would recommend trying Spider-man 2 for the PS2 because although it came out in 2004 the controls, story and graphics are still amazing, even more so than that of some more modern titles (well maybe not the graphics but I digress).

Spider-man is great fun for all ages and is easily accessible, most commonly in the movies, whether you're a fan of Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, or Tom Holland any fan is sure to find a live-action version that suits their needs, and if not there's always the animated adventures to watch.

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