Star Wars KOTOR, an old but shining gem!

Updated: May 8, 2021

Star wars Knights of the old republic (KOTOR) is widely considered to be one of the best video games to come from the franchise. Although it is considered non-canon the story of Revan, Bastila and their crew members is one that will stick with the player for years after.

Even though it was released mid 2003 I only picked up this game last year for the first time and it quickly became one of my all time favourites. The core mechanic of every action being linked to either the dark side or the light was intriguing and would often lead to very hard choices having to be made to stay on your chosen path. Each path has its own benefits and downfalls for example the light side is heavily focused on healing and boosting both your own stats and your allies whereas the dark side has a focus on damaging enemies using the force.

KOTOR has a turn based combat system that is scarcely seen in more modern games and whilst it isn't the norm it is executed in such a way that nearly 20 years later it is still enjoyable throughout a long play-through.

I spent over 100 hours during 2 separate play-throughs and can honestly say that i never got bored, whether it was travelling to one of the cantinas to play pazaak or slashing enemies down with a lightsaber I truly felt I was in the Star Wars universe and since Star Wars is one of my favourite franchises this game was a delight to play.

However the game isn't without its faults. For example in my first play through i had a glitch where I almost skipped to the end of the game due to a random robot spawning in the cockpit of my ship, I only avoided this because I searched the internet for why this robot was there. My personal biggest issue with the game is the fact that when you complete the main story you cannot go back into the world to further explore or complete any remaining side quest you possibly missed.

Overall I highly recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of star wars and wants to spend more time in that beautifully crafted universe, as long as you can look past the graphics and occasional bug you will spend hours roleplaying as one of the galaxy's most powerful jedi or sith depending on your preferences.

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