My Top 5 Skyrim Mods (XBOX1)

Bored of vanilla Skyrim? Then this is the list for you.

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As a base game Skyrim has hundreds of hours worth of content, whether you're crawling through your hundredth dungeon or fighting off world ending dragons there is a tonne of content waiting in the land of Skyrim. That being said the game is nearly 10 years old with its tenth anniversary falling on 11th November this year (2021) and after being released on 6 different consoles (officially) players may finally be running out of stuff to do. This is where the modding community really picks up the slack. There are thousands of mods for Skyrim so picking a top 5 was difficult but I will say that these mods are limited to XBOX as I don't have a PC meaning that my selection was already hindered from the start. So here are my top 5 mods that I have used recently to make my game more enjoyable. 5. HEART OF THUNDER - RAGNAROK Mod creator - OminousVoice Are you a fan of Marvel? Ever wanted to roleplay as the God or Goddess of Thunder? Then this mod is perfect for you. Heart of Thunder - Ragnarok adds new armour, weapons, and spells to Skyrim all designed around Thor, mostly from his appearances in the Marvel cinematic universe (MCU). To be specific this mod adds in Mjolnir (Thor's hammer), and also Stormbreaker (his axe from infinity war and endgame) as usable weapons along with two different armour types, both light and heavy variants with a male and female mesh. So the best part about this mod is easily wielding one of the two weapons added. Each one gives you different spells and shouts that you can use whilst the weapon is equipped all based around lightning effects. For example when using Mjolnir and doing a heavy attack a lightning bolt will fly out from behind you striking all enemies that you're aiming at. I highly suggest trying out this mod and experiencing the raw power that comes with it. One of the things I was a little bit disappointed with was the fact that you can't use Mjolnir to fly like Thor does in the movies but it doesn't really take away from the overall enjoyability of the mod. All the items in the mod (except Mjolnir who can be found on a hill in the Whiterun plains) can be crafted but if that's too much effort then there is a cheat chest behind a tree at the exit to Helgen. However I advise against using this straight away unless you want to be massively overpowered (OP) from the get go. 4. ANIMATED DRAGON WINGS - ALT VERSION Mod creator - originally Anton but ported to XBOX by BlueGhostFox So we know the player character in Skyrim is Dragonborn meaning they have the blood of dragons running through their veins, but why does it stop with just their blood, why not any other attributes? This next mod rectifies that. Animated Dragon Wings - Alt Version adds a special chest into the world of Skyrim at Skyborn Altar and inside this chest is 9 rings. When a ring is equipped it will give you a different style of dragon wings depending on which ring you use making your character the ultimate hybrid of humanoid and dragon. The biggest benefit to these wings is that all fall damage is negated when a ring is equipped but there is more than that, health, magicka, stamina, and shout recovery rate is all increased by 40% to compensate for the ring taking up an armour slot. Overall there isn't a whole lot to this mod but given the cool designs of the wings and the fact that if you give the ring to a follower then they get wings too means this is always in my mod list when I start a new playthrough. 3. UNIQUE MAGICKA SABERS - SSE Mod creator - Opsguy35 So not many people know this but Skyrim is actually set a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. Ok so not really but with Unique Magicka Sabers (UMS) it can certainly feel like it. If you haven't already guessed UMS adds in a bunch of different lightsabers that the player can craft at any forge. You can either craft a full saber or just the hilt which you can then enchant to have any colour you want. UMS features many different famous lightsabers from the prequel and original movies, including Luke's lightsaber, Yoda's lightsaber, and Darth Maul's double bladed lightsaber. There are loads to choose from so your favourite Jedi or Sith's saber is most likely present. As a huge fan of Star Wars I absolutely love this mod but I do have to say I tend to hold off on using the lightsabers until later on in any given playthrough because they are quite OP and will decimate any lower levelled dungeons, but that might be what you're after, no judgement here. This is another mod that is always in my mod load whenever I start a new game, even though it takes away from the immersion of Skyrim I think most Star Wars fans would agree that it is absolutely worth it. 2. TARDIS [XB1] Mod creator - ShatteredSteel This ones for my fellow whovians. The TARDIS mod adds a fully functioning TARDIS from Doctor Who. I was so excited when I found this mod (I mean sure I was looking for one but I wasn't hopeful) because I absolutely love Doctor Who and lets be real who hasn't fantasised about travelling through space and time at your own whim. So obviously there are limitations with this mod, you can't travel through time and you can only go to places on Skyrim or Solstheim but that doesn't make it any less enjoyable. When you find the TARDIS and enter it you are taken into a control room where you can select your destination and then you have to interact with different levers and buttons to fly there but don't worry the game tells you which ones to press when. You can also explore the inside of the TARDIS where there is loads of different rooms to discover but my favourite thing is that there is a load of different control rooms so you can pick one that you like to be your default. This mod also adds the ability to regenerate when you die meaning you enter the character creator and can start from scratch. Whilst at first you can only do this 12 times (as per the show) you can collect time energy from certain locations to increase this. There's not a whole lot to say about this mod but it is fun and definitely worth downloading if you're a whovian. 1. PHENDERIX MAGIC WORLD Mod creator - Phenderix If you're like me then 90% of your Skyrim playthroughs start like this, "I'm going to use something other than spells and archery this time" before inevitably using spells and archery for the hundredth time. If that is you then don't worry it's perfectly normal but here's a mod to enhance that style of play. Phenderix Magic World (PMW) adds over 170 new spells to the game so it's a must for any aspiring mage. Each new spell has a different elemental archetype like water or fire so you can even focus on becoming a master of one archetype. The mod doesn't stop with new spells though as it adds in a host of new features from new weapons to new quest lines and even new bosses for the player to fight but the biggest addition is the Isle of Manantis, a whole new playable area that acts as a sort of school for the magical arts (think the College of Winterhold but focused on the new spells). Players can get a spell to instantly travel to Manantis and start the new quest line available there or just ignore this section all together and start causing chaos with all the power now available to you. So that was my 5 favourite mods that I'm currently using, I know I'll have missed some great ones out so feel free to suggest some mods for me to try and who knows they might become my new favourites.

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