Animal crossing new horizons (ACNH) is the latest addition to a long running franchise. The original animal crossing was released in Japan in April 2001 for the Nintendo 64 but it didn't make its way into the western world until September 2002 for the Nintendo game cube, however this was only in North America, those of us here in Europe had to wait an extra 2 years for the game.

ACNH overall sticks to the same formula as the original game, you join a small community of bipedal animals each with their own personalities with new 'villagers' joining over time and others leaving. This gives the game a sense of realism but if you find a villager that you really like you can convince them to stay. Another way ACNH sticks to this formula is by making the player instantly in debt to an anthropomorphic raccoon called Tom Nook who fans having lovingly taken to calling Tom Crook as he charges you for a house without even asking if you want it.

With ACNH you pick 1 of 4 islands to travel to and set up your new life with two other random villagers. The game is linked to the internal clock based in the Nintendo switch so your island perfectly matches up to whatever time you play the game in real life which means you sometimes have to plan around shop closing times or seeing phenomenons such as shooting stars impacting when you will play.

There is plenty of things to do on your island from fishing to cutting down trees to planting flowers. Overtime the developers have been adding new features to keep players interested, for example the new swimming/diving feature allowing players to catch all new types of creatures to add to the in game museum.

I spent months designing my island and earning the in game currency of bells and overall whilst I enjoyed playing the game eventually all the tasks felt very redundant and more like chores rather than something i wanted to be doing. This doesn't take away from the enjoyment that comes from terraforming your island or learning how to breed flowers to get all the different colours available. ACNH is an enjoyable experience and something that is easy to just pick up and play without needing too much prior experience making it a go to game for all ages, it is very relaxing and a brilliant way to wind down at the end of a long day.

Overall if you're looking for an easy to pick up game that you can either put a lot of effort into or just spend a few hours planting flowers this game can tailor to anybody, I recommend giving this a play if you're lucky enough to own a Nintendo switch.

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