Gaming's most powerful weapons

A top 5 of the most powerful, well known weapons in gaming

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What makes a weapon in a game powerful? The style? No. The weapon type (sword, gun, etc)? Nope. The ability to decimate your enemies with as few hits as possible? Absolutely! Video games are rife with dangerously over powered weapons so narrowing it down to just 5 obviously won't cover everyone's favorites, for this reason also I have decided to stick to more widely known weapons. 5. THE HOLY HAND GRENADE (WORMS) I can only think of one way to start this list, the holy hand grenade (HHG) from the worms series. This beautifully designed weapon of destruction is one of the strongest in the worms games that isn't classed as a super weapon. The HHG has a max damage of 75 HP and functions essentially like a regular grenade except for a few key differences. The first difference is the blast radius which is considerable amounts bigger than an original grenade, along with this is increased knock back meaning you can push a whole team to the other side of the map with one move. The other difference is the HHG is locked at minimum bounce and timer so you can't change this at all, however HHG are set to only explode when they come to a complete stop, so if it's rolling and the timer hits zero it doesn't matter. The HHG is a reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail where the HHG was used to kill the evil 'white rabbit with teeth'. Finally the HHG sings a little tune just before it's detonated that sounds like it's saying hallelujah. 4. THE MASTER SWORD (LEGEND OF ZELDA) Think of the Legend of Zelda, what comes to mind? A boy in green clothes looking for a princess whilst carrying around a sword that looks totally badass. Well that sword is the Master Sword. The Master Sword has many different names within the Zelda franchise, some of which include 'the blade of evils bane', 'the legendary sword' and 'the sacred sword'. Nearly every Legend of Zelda game incorporates the Master Sword as the only weapon that can defeat the big evil Ganondorf as it is the only thing powerful enough to counteract his immense magical powers. The Master sword is said to have originally been created by the Goddess Hylia as the Goddess Sword until her chosen hero and their spirit Fi reforged the sword into the Master Sword by bathing it in three sacred flames. Only a true hero can wield the sword at its full potential as it acts like a wand from Harry Potter where the Sword chooses the wielder. The sword can also be upgraded by special means so it can actually become stronger until it is placed back into its resting place where it returns to normal. 3. BIG BOY (FALLOUT 4) In terms of raw power the Big Boy (BB) is probably the strongest on this list. Unique to Fallout 4 the BB is a legendary Fat Man launcher, this version has the two shot effect which means that for every bit of ammo that's used it shoots twice as much, and when you're shooting mini nukes this can be catastrophic. That's right you didn't misread that I said mini nukes. The BB is a mini nuke launcher (think rocket launcher but much cooler and deadlier). Mini nukes are fairly rare in Fallout 4 so this weapon is only good if you've managed to get your hands on some but remember the BB makes each one twice as effective. There's a big drawback to using the BB as you can probably guess nukes are dangerous so if you don't shoot far enough you will end up blowing yourself into next week and even if you do survive the radiation that is given off from the resulting explosion is crazy high. If you plan on using the BB I suggest quick saving your game before hand just in case something goes wrong as it often does. 2. BLADES OF CHAOS (GOD OF WAR SERIES) Given the success of the most recent God of War game and the hype surrounding the next release I think it's a fair assumption that most people know who Kratos is. However if you've only played the newest game then you might not realize the importance of the Blades of Chaos that you retrieve around halfway into the games story. Lets start with their creation. The blades were created by the original God of War, Ares, in the deepest darkest pits of the underworld. They were forged to be used by the champion of Ares and to symbolize this the chains that were attached to the hilt would wrap around the users forearms and be permanently seared in place. The blades were imbued with fire allowing them to ignite people that were attacked with them and the attached chains allowed the blades to extend out to a limited distance. Ares bestowed the blades onto Kratos in the first game when Kratos pledged his allegiance to the God of War, saying they were a weapon fit for the champion of a God. Kratos used the blades during his servitude to Ares and even ended up using them against his own wife and daughter unknowingly whilst in a rage sent to him by Ares, leading to Kratos' journey of vengeance and ultimately to him killing the God of War and taking up the mantle himself. Even though he achieved it using a different weapon the Blades of Chaos were the catalyst in his revenge. This story makes these blades probably the most tragic item on this list due to the personal pain inflicted by them. 1. THE GOLDEN GUN (GOLDENEYE 007) By far the most distinguished weapon in video game history the Golden Gun (GG) is introduced in the James Bond movie 'The Man with the Golden Gun' and then later in the game Goldeneye for the N64 in the Egyptian level and the multiplayer mode. The GG was so loved in Goldeneye that it was added to later games in the series and one thing was kept as a constant (except in 'Everything or Nothing' and the single player mode of 'Agent Under Fire'), that being that the GG is a one shot kill. The gun isn't available in the majority of the games campaign modes due to it only being able to store one bullet at a time which if you miss makes the gun pointless, the exception to this being in 'Agent Under Fire' where you had to find the individual pieces of the gun to assemble it. IN CONCLUSION There are a lot of badass weapons in video games and these barely scratch the surface of what's out there. I'm sure I missed some amazing examples of powerful weapons but these are some of my personal favourites.

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