Doctor Who: The Daleks

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So what better way to start a series about monsters in the whoniverse than the Daleks.

The Daleks were the first alien race to appear in Doctor Who (except from the Doctor and his granddaughter), appearing in 1964 in the second ever episode called , appropriately, The Daleks.

Daleks are from the planet Skaro which was once a world full of life, forests, rivers, but after a thousand year civil war between the two native species (the Thals and the Kaleds) the planet was reduced to a wasteland. It was from this war that the Daleks were born.

Towards the end of the civil war a crazed Kaled scientist by the name of Davros started working on a way for his people to survive in the irradiated hellscape that had become of Skaro, in this chaos the first Daleks were created.

Davros is known as the creator of the Daleks, he created them because his body was crippled in an attack on his laboratory by the Thal. This attack left Davros unable to use the bottom half of his body and meaning he had to be fitted into a special chair that acted as a life support machine. The Daleks were Davros’ way to climb the political ladder and gain power on Skaro which he accomplished by killing all the members of ‘the council of twelve’ and ‘the supremo’, making Davros the oldest surviving Kaled.

The Daleks aren’t entirely what they seem, on the outside they’re essentially big trash cans encased in Dalekanium (a near indestructible material), but on the inside they’re a weird octopus like creature that pilots the suit, imagine pacific rim but a lot deadlier. They also come equipped with two weapons in place of arms on the front of their chassis, most commonly these are a Dalek laser gun and a Dalek manipulator arm (a plunger) but there are many varieties on these, like the laser cutter or the flame thrower.

I love the Daleks, they’re terrifying, unstoppable and determined. They’ve plagued the Doctor for years, but they keep coming back no matter how many times they’re stopped and I find it hilarious because the show doesn’t always have an explanation but they’re so integral to the image of the show now that there’s no way that the BBC will ever get rid of them.

The Daleks are likely to be around until the end of Doctor Who, I wouldn’t be surprised if the last episode revolved around the Doctor and the Daleks finally finish their centuries long battle with one side destroying the other, or both of them ending in mutually assured destruction.

I think the Daleks are easily one of the best villains the Doctor will ever face and I always get excited whenever I see that they’re going to be in an episode because I know that chaos will ensue and something will definitely be exterminated.

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