Doctor Who: A Modern Classic

Just over 57 years ago the BBC created probably the most amazing science fiction show in medias history, Doctor Who. The show follows an alien called The Doctor and his various companions as they travel through time and space together solving problems and having enriching adventures along the way.

Like a lot of fans I started Doctor Who when the series rebooted in 2005 with the 9th doctor (Christopher Eccleston) and his companion Rose (Billie Piper) and the chemistry between the two sparked a love in me for this show that has developed through my teenage years and now into my early adult hood and I imagine it will continue until the show eventually ends and long after.

There's been a huge variety of humans and aliens shown on screen over the nearly 6 decades of the shows history and that's what makes this show so great, the diversity. In these modern times where race and sexuality are hot topics in media it's great to see a show that doesn't shy away from exhibiting people from all backgrounds, most recently in the role of the companion Bill who was revealed to be a lesbian but this wasn't her main character trait, she was sassy and bright and it's this sort of amazing character writing that doesn't rely on a lazy option of making her whole personality about being a lesbian that makes me love this show.

The BBC got some heat for their decision to make the 13th doctor a woman (Jodie Whittaker) because for some reason some of the more close minded fans believe that an alien that can completely change their appearance cannot also change their gender. This always seemed stupid to me because the show has never been hung up on labels, it is literally about acceptance and kindness.

My favourite thing about Doctor Who is easily the monsters, since I was 5 the wide array of creatures have found ways to both creep me out and fascinate me at the same time, from the classics such as the Daleks and Cybermen that even people who aren't fans of the show would recognize to the more obscure like The Empty Child or the Pting. The weird designs and unique abilities makes each race distinct and formidable in their own ways and the best part of the adventure is seeing how The Doctor and co will over come the obstacles in their way.

Doctor Who is great entertainment for all people and many ages but I will say it's probably best not to let small kids watch it unless you want some sleepless nights and an irrational fear of common objects embedded at a young age. It's definitely worth a watch.

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