Black Butler; An Elegant Supernatural Anime

Anime has become less and less taboo in recent years with the popularity of such shows as 'Attack on Titan' and 'My Hero Academia' gaining more traction in modern media but an anime I was shown that has flown relatively under the radar is Black Butler (BB).

Now I'm not saying that BB is completely unknown but it definitely doesn't have the biggest following in comparison to some of the aforementioned shows. This is a shame because BB has a great mix of action, adventure, drama, and character development balanced out perfectly over the span of the show.

The show follows main character Ciel Phantomhive and his "butler" Sebastian Michaelis. Sebastian is a demon who is obligated to serve Ciel due to a deal that the two made that is made clearer as the show goes on, this leads to an interesting dynamic between the two of them as Sebastian is clearly reluctant to serve the young earl but cannot break his contract.

Over the course of BB the relationship between the two gets explored in depth starting off as an uneasy master / servant bond to a somewhat caring friendship but they aren't the only characters to get a decent amount of screen time there's also Grelle and the undertaker, two grim reapers who often interact with Sebastian and Ciel causing all sorts of issues for the duo.

BB was my first introduction into the world of anime and honestly it was a great place to start for me because I loved the over the top fight scenes and the clashing personalities between the main characters and the antagonists. I also loved the supernatural elements to the show, for example the contracts formed between humans and demons but also the powers each demon or sub-class of demon possess and how it limits them physically in our world.

BB is an easy watch and with only 4 seasons its a great place for anyone wanting to get into anime but don't want to put in the commitment into a longer running show like Naruto or Dragon ball. If you're into the supernatural or anything relatively occult then you need to binge this show ASAP to get your fill.

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